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Transformers Fantasy Football League (1 Viewer)


Transformers Fantasy Football League

The Quintessons have aquired the Matrix of Leadership and have invited the most elite Autobots and Decepticons to recruit teams of human combatants to engage in heroic battle in the war for supremacy. Face off against fierce rivals and battle your opponents attempting to inflict the most damage (points) and win energon cubes (VP) with each victory! Win the final battle to be declared Champion and hold aloft the Matrix of Leadership!

Week 1-6 and 8-13 each Autobot team faces a Decepticon team in battle with a break week 7 where the wires get crossed and there's robot infighting! Clone up to 3 of your best human players year to year at an increasing energon cost.

The war begins 9/5/2013 so transform and roll out!

Transformers Fantasy Football League
More than meets the eye!

First year keeper league

Graphics are in development.
Online slow draft, standard snake random order initial year, see bylaws for subsequent orders. VP based scoring PPR league with 0-3 keepers. League fees are $67 using leaguesafe with $7 per team going towards mfl league hosting fees. $5 for graphics will also be deducted the initial year only. See site for scoring rules and bylaws. Roleplay on the forums greatly encouraged but not mandatory. Serious ff players only who are looking for an active continual league with a fun atmosphere. Be prepared to pay once the league is full.

Scoring rules:

League bylaws:

Email to: cancerla674@yahoo.com

Available teams include: bumblebee, grimlock, mirage, jazz, starscream, shockwave, rumble, ravage

***converted to a slow draft due to scheduling conflicts

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