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Traveling to Ecuador (1 Viewer)


I'm leaving for a two week vacation to Ecuador on September 1.  Anyone ever been there have any tips?  

We're mainly going because it's where my wife is from and her extended family all live there.  I'm certainly excited as I am for every major trip we take, but have a bit of trepidation this time mainly due to the US State Department warning against travelling to one of the provinces we are going to (Esmereldes) because of cartel activity as well all the freakin' vaccines I'm getting.  Yellow fever, malaria, Hepatitis A and B.  I do feel better, however, that we will be traveling with family who are all native to the country.  But I'm going to stand out as a huge ####### gringo.  

I've also been told by my wife's family not to bring my camera because it will probably get stolen and supposedly one of the laws there is that a theft of anything less than $500 in value is not reportable.  Nice.  

If I'm not back by September 16, send Dennis Rodman.  


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