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Travis LaBoy...DE or OLB (1 Viewer)


AZ Cardinals official site has him listed as RDE...NFL network just did something on him as a RDE...FBG however, has him as OLB. I sure could use him in my lineup AS a DL thats for sure. Which is he, and who decides this?

LaBoy is versatile. Really too light for a pure DL and too heavy for a pure LB. Decide with your commish in advance and stick with it.

It all depends on what alignment the Cardinals are using on any particular series or down. They play different fronts. The Cardinals depth charts at their official site lists him as a DE. John Norton and I have discussed this a few times. The reality is that no matter where we list him, some people will claim that he should be listed differently because of the duality of his role as a DE/OLB.

He's mostly a DE, though he also lines up at LB.. the Cardinals have done this for the past few seasons with other players like Calvin Pace, Chike Okeafor and Bertrand Berry. On our depth charts, we try to eliminate that by listing them at their "base" position, then note (DE/LB) accordingly.

Clear as mud, right?

MFL has him listed at LB, and that's where I need him to stay...
MFL has rarely moved players in the past during the regular season, but Mike Hall has told us that the designations will not change this season. I doubt there would be enough information to move him anyway. He's about 50-50 OLB/DE, with most of his DE snaps coming in the 3-3-5 nickel look.

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