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Trent Cole (DE Eagles) (1 Viewer)


In my dynsaty league he's averaged 14 points the past 2 weeks, and I'm thinking he might be a good player to stash on my roster. Here's what I found (from CNNSI draft profile):BIO: Three-year starter and All-Conference selection who posted 68/22/8.5 as a senior. Junior totals included 88/14/5.POSITIVES: Undersized collegiate defensive end who projects to linebacker in the NFL. Plays with leverage keeping his pads low to the ground, displays explosion and moves well laterally. Rarely off his feet, fluid changing direction and has the ability to immediately alter his angle of attack. Pursues from the backside or comes off the edge with speed.NEGATIVES: Slow getting off blocks and easily wired at the point. Shows some hesitation in his game and not overly instinctive.ANALYSIS: A defender best making plays up the field, Cole must now learn to play in space. Used at outside linebacker during the Senior Bowl and struggled. May be best standing over tackle in a 34 defense.Anybody have any more info on him? Thanks!

That about sums up all anyone knows about him. He was impressive enough in camp for the Eagles not to coax Hugh Douglas back or bring in reinforcements when Jerome McDougle got shot.The all-conference DE from Cincinnati was third behind Antwan Peek (starting OLB Texans) and Andre Fraizer (college teammate who is similar rookie tweener on Steelers) in career sacks in Bearcat history and second to Peek in career tackles-for-loss. He slipped to the fifth round because he is undersized for an end, but obviously has nice upside as a pass rush specialist.In a 4-3, his upside seems to be a poor man's Lance Johnstone.

He's been getting more snaps with the Eagles' injuries, and has made the most of them.I'd look at the success the Eagles have had with undersized DE's, like Douglas & Kalu. Doulglas improved enough aginst the run to become an every-down guy, as did Kalu. Cole could do the same thing.He's probably worth a shot right now, since he's playing a decent amount and well.

I thought the eagles rotated their lineman so much, its tough for any of them to be an every week starter. Injuries could cause a depth problem causing him to play more, but isn't this only a short-term deal.

It depends. If Cole can get sacks like Douglas did, then he's an every week starter, albeit one who is feast or famine. If he's just adequate and doesn't post more than 6 or so a year, then he's bye week filler.

He was highlighted in Eyes of the Guru a week or two ago. Despite not starting (could be why he's not in the projections) he's produced the past couple weeks. Make your own judgement. He was a hot pickup in my IPD league last week.

the freak looks to be back on his game right now...which opens it up for everyone else along that line in phillyhe's worth a shot imo


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