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Trust in Pierce and FBG rankings? (1 Viewer)


I've searched and might have missed a topic covering this, if so, sorry. I'm struggling with decisions around Pierce. I'm guessing many Pierce owners are in similar situations. We either drafted him late as a flyer or got him on the waiver wire. Either way, he is a supplemental/pleasant addition to many strong teams starting lineups. Now, if like me, you already have some good RB's/WR's, you are now in position of having to trust in his potential again and sit some stellar players, or sit him when he has a good match up to "start your studs". In 20+ years of FF I've stayed true to start your studs and stick with those that brought you. Since Pierce helped bring me here, do I sit a stud for him this week? I won't say my player(s) I'm considering sitting, that'd be a WDIS assistant coach thread. I will say, sitting a Gio, Foster, R. Bush, Lynch feels crazy to me. But here I am,as I'm guessing many of you are, having to consider the match ups (Foster v SEA, Lynch v Hou), situations (Bush coming back and Bell taking touches) and FBG rankings (Bernard is ranked above all I listed in a few staffers rankings..not all). Do we really sit a stud and risk playing Pierce? I am leaning heavily towards it. I don't think Rice will go and if he does it will probably be extremely limited. Anyone else sitting a stud to play Pierce? If I was swinging for the fences and in desperation, I'd have no issues starting Pierce over one of those studs. But being in the thick of things and having a turning point game makes it a crazy decision for me. Back to your regular programing.

You're prob gonna take some flack for this post bc it is flirting w a WDIS, but I think the never bench your studs, while typically valid, isn't as strong as 5 years ago. Statistics and measurable information is way more relevant than back then. If it wasn't, then rankings would never deviate. I think you never bench you're studs is a starting pt, but I wouldn't be scared to take educated risks. No, I wouldn't bench AP or the likes, but when you get into those 10-18 ranked RBs you need to look at the upcoming game.

Rice playing and starting makes the choice much easier now. Pierce still a good play for those teams with Bye issues or average choices at flex though.


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