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Trying to find Rent a QB or QB pairings (1 Viewer)

big goon


I'm looking for either a feature of the site or a tool, not sure which. I have seen this info before after I have drafted a team on this site and then run Rate My Team, and it will tell me "Your QB is Matthew Staffford. Here are other QB's who you can stream with him". Is there a stand-alone tool somewhere that will generate this info for any QB that I input?

I'm in a 17-team Guillotine League and about 10 teams already have their QB's and I do not. So I am looking to draft a couple of QB's who hopefully have complimentary schedules.

Any help to point me in the right direction would be greatly appreciated. Apologies in advance if it's in some blatantly obvious spot but I could not come up with it with Search.

Well whaddya know.  That article was written, uh, today.  Maybe someone at FBG is reading this and asked Jeff "Hey bud is that QBBC article almost ready?" 🙂

Thanks for pointing out the article. My 1st QB pick is probably happening this evening so very good timing. Almost all of the QB's listed in the article are still available - plus Tom Brady.

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