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trying to make a trade. (1 Viewer)


ok i got anderson and edwards as my QBs, needless to say i need some help. the rest of my team is not that bad they just have not been consistent as of late. RBs i got peterson/ J. lewis/ ronnie brown. wrs i got james hardy/ dwayne bowe/ eddie royal/ wes welker/ plaxico burress. the guy i want to try and trade with does not have alot of depth but he does have tony romo and aron rodgers after that it goes down hill little bit, here is his team.


M Lynch

R Grant

J Norwood ®


B Berrian

H Baskett

S Smith

M Harrison ®

so i was wondering if you were in his shoes and i offered derek anderson, jamal lewis or wes welker for tony romo would you do it? or would i have to offer all three guys or up the anti even more to get romo? just a question from a guy who is getting desperate.

You may want to come to the table w/ this: Anderson and Peterson for Lynch and Romo.

And I'm not even sure that would get you Romo w/ Quinn breathing down DA's neck.


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