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Trying to plan a trip to Boston for a Soccer Event at Ducali Pizzeria hosted by Paramount+ Any tips tricks or suggestions would be appreciated (1 Viewer)


This is a last minute trip as it's for a Serie A Italian Soccer league event in USA in Boston. Paramount+ who stream the matches will be doing a live broadcast Feb 5 Sun for the day from Boston at Ducali Pizzeria. With my expenses trying to figure out the cheapest way and fastest from philly to get to boston and back. I'll be staying 4-6 possible. I'll be meeting up with my Philly Club members and other members from around the country for the event. My president is suppose to be there around 12 noon that Saturday. I don't drive so I'm not looking for a rental car. I was thinking of flying there Amtrak or Greyhound as mega bus doesn't go to boston. My issue with flying is I've never been on a plan and with my Austim that can be a daunting task I think I could handle it if needed though. Looking for a fairly cheap hotel near in North Boston close to the Pizzeria either walking distance or a short uber ride. My President and his wife are staying at the Marriot close to the Pizzeria which might be a tad expensive for me.

TIA for any tips or advice
Greyhound/Peter Pan from Philly will be about 55-bucks one day. Train prices are silly.

The only thing cheaper would be bus to NYC, subway to Chinatown, then Chinatown bus to Boston. That would be a pain, and maybe save ten bucks. Don't do that

But is the Chinatown bus, so it could be exciting!!

(Chinatown buses are known to catch on fire randomly, and competing Chinatown bus drivers might attack your driver)

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