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Two free agent QB's were in Detroit (1 Viewer)


John Kitna on Saturday and Josh McCown was on Sunday.

will either QB sign with the Lions and which is a better fit?

Kitna discusses Lions visit

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"I was really excited," said Kitna, who spent the last four seasons of his nine-year career in Cincinnati.

"I love Coach Marinelli. I've always had a pretty good relation with Matt Millen. I spent a lot of time with Coach Martz, going over the offense.

"They want somebody in here who can bring some leadership to the team and character and competitiveness and toughness and things. They thought I fit that mode."

Kitna did not say that he got the impression that the Lions are looking for a starter. Marinelli and Millen both have said that Joey Harrington is the No. 1 quarterback.

There were no discussions about being the No. 1 quarterback, Kitna said.

"We haven't really gotten to that point yet," Kitna said. "We'll see where it ends up going, I guess.

"I don't really have a deadline. I don't feel like I'm under a time crunch."

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I'd be happy seeing Detroit sign Kitna, and an OL upgrade would be nice.
I would really be happy to see Cinncy sign Kitna, Palmer is a maybe to start the season, and I want Chad Johnson to have full value. But that seems like wishful thinking at this point...

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