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Two Hours of Live Audible 10/31 10 pm ET - Questions Go Here (1 Viewer)

Got a trade situation here fellas and I'm trying like shut your mouth to stay frosty.

I'm in a 14-team, keep three league and I'm considering trading Keenan Allen for Steve Smith and Andre Brown.

My WRs: Brandon Marshall, Vincent Jackson, Kennan Allen, Kenny Stills, and Dexter McCluster

My RBs: Reggie Bush, Trent Richardson, Joique Bell, Donald Brown, and Daryl Richardson

What say you, Authorities of the Audible? Should I click accept?

Who do you see being more valuable the rest of the season - Mathews or Woodhead? For both PPR or Standard. Thanks!

1) Mention a few RBs who have flashed and his role might grow.

Maybe someone in a committtee or a team with a struggling starter.

2) Andy Dalton or Jake Locker rest of season.

Both have flashed but always fizzled. Can either make a good rest of season run?

Hey guys,

My first question involves Trent Richardson for the rest of the season (PPR, redraft).

Is he start able this week against the texans (ranked 28th in running defense)? I'm looking at this week as the last straw for Trent Richardson. If he doesn't perform well I'm selling him for whatever I can get. If he does well, but is in a RBBC all night, then I think I should sell high on him because i don't see him being the cowbell back for this season. How do you guys feel about this?

2nd question,

Do u trust sproles in PPR this week against the jets? I'm a jets homer and I strongly believe the saints will be going through the air because if they rely on the running game they WILL lose @ jets.

Also, thoughts on Chris Johnson rest of season (sure u guys will cover this already).

Sorry for all the questions but thanks guys.

Hey Guys, in a 10 Team Keeper league

Who do you like better going forward Locker or Pryor? For the season and potential keeper?

All TDs 6 points, Passing is 25 yards per point; 1 points at 300 yards; 2 points at 350 yards; 3 points at 400 yards, 1 Point per 10 yards rushing.

Who do you think has more upside the rest of the season: Dexter McCluster or Lavon Brazil? Non-ppr league. 14 team league.

My wide receivers are: Antonio Brown, Denarius Moore, Kenny Stills.

QB: RG3, A Dalton

RB: Forte, M Bush, Bolden, D Brown, CJ Anderson, C Michael, D Martin

TE: J Cameron, C Clay

DEF: Chiefs, Colts


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