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My Roster- 12 Team nonPPR

QB-Cutler, Pryor, McCown, Fitzpatrick

RB- LBell, ABrown, Miller, Tate, Ellington, Vereen, SJax

WR- Megatron, Dez, Torrey, Keenan Allen

TE- Cameron, Heath Miller

I'm strong at WR and loaded with RB2s with no Legit RB1. Trades I can Make

Dez+Bell for Reggie Bush

Dez+Bell for Lacy

Dez for Gronk

Should I make any of these moves or stay put?

Someone in a 12 team league who is mathematically eliminated from the fantasy playoffs drops Aaron Rodgers (prior to news of his possible week 12 return.) As a commissioner is there a problem with such a player being dropped even though his injury took him off the can't cut list? There is no collusion involved, but is there an issue with such an established fantasy stud being thrown back into the free agent pool? How do you strike a balance with eliminated teams doing their best to win each week for the rest of the regular season without throwing off competitive balance amongst the teams playing for money?

If you are one of those teams playing for money what would you bid on Aaron Rodgers if you need him and if you didn't need him but just wanted to stop another owner from acquiring him?

I'm not going to keep Trent in my keep three league after the season. Should I get whatever I can for him? I've been offered Lamar Miller and an IDP upgrade? I'm inclined to take it. I know the Dolphins situation is a mess, but I feel strongly about get out of Trent right now. FYI, my starters are Bush and Brown.

Hey guys.

What's your outlook on tony Gonzalez this week and the rest of the season (PPR)? At this point you really can't trade him for anything decent in redraft and I can't expect any production out of him he's going to be playing with turf toe.

What are your expectations for Ogbonnaya for the rest of the season if he takes over the starting job?

D. Thomas has one of the hardest remaining schedules against wrs, should we be looking to trade him for someone like aj or dez if we can get the owner to throw in a extra piece both have really nice schedules ahead but both also have a bye week coming which Thomas is over.

Is Jordan Cameron a viable TE1 the rest of the way or will the QB situation in Cleveland kill his production?

Im in a specific league where QB's get 4 points per td and the typical yardage scoring. But Completions and In-completions are scored 0.5 and -0.5 respectively. Everything is on the line this week. I need a bye week fill in that needs to be at least serviceable. .

as of now Keenum, McCown and Alex Smith are my top FA options. The rest of my team is very solid, so a high floor might be better than a swing or miss. And accuracy, or lack there of, can make or break a QB in this format. if I make a trade for a high floor QB (Big Ben?), am i better off than picking up Keenum, McCown or Alex Smith for free?

edit: opponent has Delanie Walker and Donald Brown. Probably need to use a high ceiling QB now

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