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Two Owners Needed: 16-team $50 Slow Auction League (no keepers) (1 Viewer)

MFL-hosted league since 2004.  http://www68.myfantasyleague.com/2019/home/10572#0.

Re"draft" auction league with 16 teams.  Uses e-bay (slow auction) format starting August 27th, 9 PM EDT.  Takes about 10 days to complete.  $200 cap.  Will provide new owner spreadsheet with auction values for all 16 years.

16-man rosters, start QB, RB, 2xWR, TE, PK, D/ST.  Unique line-up rules/large league size make QB1, RB1, WR1 about equal value.

NO ppr; standard yards and TD scoring.  D/ST scoring includes high values for points allowed.

Blind bid waiver run followed by FCFS until kickoff

16 teams divided into two 8-team conferences.  6 teams make playoffs via combination of H2H (2 conference winners) and all-play totals (wildcard from each conference plus 2 league-wide wildcards.  Seeding by points-for.  Payouts down to 4th place in playoffs plus winner of consolation total points tourney.

$50 fee, uses League Safe.

Contact via personal message.

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