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Two separate dynasty league startups - $25/$50 (1 Viewer)


I'm interested in trying out this new Supernova site that I've seen, so I created two leagues when they had a free league promo.

Both leagues will use leaguesafe for payout and Discord for league chat

Open to discussing any rule changes, just created a set of parameters as a starting point

#1 - standard dynasty league ($25/year entry with half of next year paid in advance)

Superflex w/ 9 starters total

Will start initial seeding draft once league is full

.5 PPR

Bylaws here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1nl29xqd_6EkAVWv9IeCS-jMlUxuu0i9rUX4nFA155ps/edit?usp=sharing

League homepage: https://www.supernovafantasyfootball.com/10041/home

#2 - contract/salary league ($50/year entry with half of next year paid in advance)

Superflex w/10 starters total

.5 PPR

Will start initial player auction when league is full

Bylaws here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1xalDQ01c7IOA56Stdhoa-mNooBSb-GRwDJyzH1doE2g/edit?usp=sharing

League homepage: https://www.supernovafantasyfootball.com/10042/home

If anyone has any questions, let me know

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