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Tyler Eifert What is his value for this year. (1 Viewer)

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Hello, everyone I'm in a redraft PPR league. I currently have Witten as my starter but I'm strongly considering dropping P Rivers and picking up Eifert. What are you opinions of him and his potential value for the remainder of this year.

I personnally have him taking that starting TE spot from Greisham. Don't they spilt him wide sometimes as a wide receiver?

I like Eifert as a TE2 this season. He might gain steam as the season progresses. I think he's a natural and he will be the second best receiver in Cincy by the end of the season. But there are a ton of decent TEs right now so his value is muted somewhat.

I'd like to see Eifert break off a big play, catch a couple touchdowns, have one big game. For young tight ends with his kind of ability, seems like after the first time it happens there's a trust factor that develops with the qb. Happened with Gronk and Graham, they broke out suddenly and never looked back.

If he can click with Dalton and blow #### up just once, whenever the defense is shifting towards AJ he has the ability to be a more dependable explosive weapon than Gresham, maybe take over the pass-catching duties for the majority of the season.

Guys like Cameron and Thomas have the spotlight right now, but in the second half of the season Eifert at least has the potential and situation to be putting the same kind of crooked numbers.

Guys like Cameron and Thomas have the spotlight right now, but in the second half of the season Eifert at least has the potential and situation to be putting the same kind of crooked numbers.
I think like all rookies the game is moving at light speed the first 10-12 games ... Once it's starts to slow down a bit he will be a very solid and productive TE. He has The talent to be a premier TE in this league.

Apparently Gresham has been very good as well, and he was never a slouch to begin with. Not sure why everyone assumes Eifert is going to take his job anytime soon... That said, I'm an Eifert owner, but I drafted him expecting maybe a 2-3 year timeframe before he produces on a consistent basis as a starter.

Gresham played all the snaps, and Eifert was in as 2nd TE whenever he was in the game (he was in about 80% as well). I don't have routes run numbers to compare.

Gresham actually has a 40 time that is comparable to Eifert (almost exactly the same at 4.65, 4.66).

I don't think either is replacing the other. I think the thinking is that they are going to double TEs like Gronk/Hernandez were last few years.

I think Eifert also missed some preseason time due to injury, so he is still playing catch up a bit. To be in on the majority of snaps (even though Gresham played all) and equal Gresham's catch numbers and more yardage shows promise. Cincy knows they have a solid player in Gresham but needed Eifert. Only person I see maybe catching more than Eifert by season's end besides the obvious Green is Bernard.

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I think quizguy66 had a very accurate take on the CINCI TE situation. As a bengals fan, I agree with him...

There's no committee. Gresham played every snap. Eifert played 71% of the snaps: http://www.cincyjung...nse-and-defense

Both got 5 balls thrown their way and both of them caught all 5.

The situation is what I think it was going to be at the outset, and I say this as a Bengals fan.

It's not an either/or situation. Both will play and play a lot. I think they like Gresham better in situations where they are looking to get tough yards (dude is a bull). Thought they'd have similar numbers with Gresham's slightly better b/c he's a veteran and they trust him a little more. One horrible playoff game did not ruin the coaching staff's image of Gresham.

Fantasywise, it makes 'em both marginal, probably #2 options or midseason replacement types. Long-term Eifert definitely has more upside as he is new. But in real football terms, the Bengals have exactly what they want. Two dangerous options on the field for Dalton to look to that will create mismatches for him to exploit. It is what it is.

Marvin Jones saw 17 snaps (which is the exact number that Eifert missed). So when they go 3-wide, Eifert is the one coming out. I don't think that's going to change anytime soon this year.

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