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Tyreek Hill Trade (1 Viewer)



Guy in my league keeps offering Tyreek in a trade, but wants Mixon and Chase. I'm 3-0 he's 1-2.

12 Team PPR league.

Trades offered thus far:

Receive: Hill, Singletary, Shenault

Give: Mixon, Chase

Receive: Hill, Singletary

Give: Mixon, Chase, Cephus

My roster: 

Qb: Stafford, Lance

Rb: Aaron Jones, Mixon, Henderson, Sermon, Cordarelle Patterson

Wr: Cooper, Chase, Kirk, Dionte Johnson, Robby Anderson, Cephus

Te: Kittle

Def: Browns

Kicker: Zuerlein

His Roster:

Qb: Allen

Rb: Montgomery, Singletary, McKissick

Wr: Hill, DJ Moore, Rondale Moore, Boyd, Shenault, Pascal

Te: Kelce

Def: Chicago

Kicker: McPherson

Top Waiver options: (I'm last in waiver priority)

Rb: Hubbard, Zack Moss, Peyton Barber, Gio, Gainwell

Wr: Sanders, Patrick, Renfrow, Osborn, Van Jefferson, Terrace Marshall, Kendrick Bourne, D-Jax

I don't want anything to do with Singletary, but would love to get my hands on Tyreek. Thoughts?


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