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Ty'son or Trey Week 3 (1 Viewer)


I play a non-PPR league.  Need to choose flex this week or heck maybe I'll throw it open to include RB. 

At this point I intend to start Chubb and J Taylor in my RB positions.  Flex is the quandary.  But I'll listen of one of you thinks I should bench one of the above???

In my flex I can choose between Williams, Sermon, Latavious, Conner.  realistically I think this week it's either Trey or Ty'son. 

Ty'son has already provided 2 games of evidence he can perform for fantasy purposes in the NFL.  He seems to have a good match up and his 3rd game he should be gaining confidence.  Good running team against a very bad team they may dominate and want to run out the clock.  Negative is they also have Latavious who could be considered more reliable for pound and ground. 

Sermon plays for a great running team.  After non starter game 1, concussion game 2, he now seems to be the last man standing who knows the playbook from training camp and is hyped as the best of the bunch anyway behind Mostert.  Negative is - he has never carried the ball more than once in the NFL, will he get a full load after concussion last week,  and Shanahan. 

At this point I have Williams in my flex.  I would love to have this quandary every week but for now - what would you do?



Ty'son is the safer and overall better option to me for this flex. He has been proven and Trey is a good wait and see.  It looks like a good problem to have.


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