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U3R Redraft League - $55 - 14 Team round robin tournament (1 Viewer)


Ultra Round Robin Redraft (U3R) is going to be an offense only PPR + Team defense, small bench with blind bid waivers. You play all other 13 teams once and then the top 6 teams advance to the playoffs.

Scoring is pretty standard for PPR. 1 pt per reception. 1 pt per 5 carries. Yardage and TD points are pretty much what we're used to. Shouldn't be any surprises.

$50 entry. (+$5 for helmet graphic and $2 for paypal)

We will have a Rolling "Domination Jackpot". Each year $100 will be set aside until the league champ is both the winner of the Super Bowl and the team with the Most Points Scored.

1st place is $250 (Including Domination Jackpot, this could be a $350 payout in year one. Next year it will be $450 if not won this year, and so forth)

2nd place is $125; 3rd - $60; 4th - $30; 5th - $15
Domination jackpots are interesting in re-drafts because it keeps the same crowd coming back for more, year after year. If I'm going to begin to commish a redraft league I want to be sure to give it an incentive to be as successful as dynasty leagues (who typically are built for longevity).

If you want into U3R (Ultra Round Robin Redraft) let me know and I'll send you an invite. I've posted this on my other leagues as well. As of 5/23/13 we have 5 slots taken.

By-Laws: http://football23.myfantasyleague.com/2013/mb/topic_show.pl?bid=201356790&tid=3619941

If you are interested you can post here or email me at: johnny_u@sbcglobal.net
Great news! Due to the popularity of the site we have opened a second tournament. This will be sharing the same website but will be completely stand-alone in game play.

The only thing the 2 tourney's share is the message board and chat boards.

We are wide open right now. Let me know if you want in!

Check Ultra Round Robin Redraft (U3R) out at:


Good Ol' Boys Tournament is FULL

Hall of Famers has plenty of openings!!!!

Good Ol' Boys Tournament is FULL

Hall of Famers has 9 openings!!!!

I do have managers in the (full) Good Ol' Boys that would be willing to move to an open spot in the Hall of Famers tournament if a new manager desires to have a team in both tournaments. Let me know.

email me at johnny_u@sbcglobal.net. Once I have your email I can send you an invite.


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