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UK Dynasty League, all online - 3 Teams Available (1 Viewer)


SF TE Premium IDP Dynasty

£50 entry fee, payment prior to draft. 
Entry fee halfed for the first 1st year for taking over orphan teams. 
1 QB
2 RB
3 WR
2 TE
2 WR/RB Flex
1 Superflex 
1 K
3 DL
3 LB
4 DB
1 IDP Flex
15 Bench
2 IR
5 Taxi
5 round standard rookie only draft, not snake draft
Sleeper App, no site cost
80% 20% split for 1st and 2nd paid out within 1 weeks of final

2 Divisions of 5
1st round bye in playoff for 1st place in each division


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