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Underrated Great TV Characters (1 Viewer)


So I've been going back and watching a lot of old shows I've already watched but don't remember because I'm getting old and senile.  I'm currently rewatching Scrubs and I'm realizing that Dr. Cox might be the most underrated great character in TV.  I always thought that character was great, but I see it even more now.  

Who are some others?



Jack Arnold (Dan Lauria) on The Wonder Years.

Dr. Morrison (David Morse) on St. Elsewhere.

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Colonel Flagg - MASH.   Probably not underrated, but still needs mention

Felicity Smoak - Arrow.  First couple of seasons she was my favorite character on TV. But then the writers ruined her after.

Colonel Jack O'Neill - Stargate SG1.   Added humor, heart, you name it.

Uncle  - Avatar the Last Airbender.   Voiced beautifully by Mako. 

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The Dreaded Marco

<—- This guy was one of the funniest characters I’ve ever seen (RIP). 
Higgins was my first thought as well. Loved him. 

We adopted a kitten right after we got married and named him after the character. 

Adopted another 6 months later—had to be Magnum. 


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