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Undrafted RB surprises this year (1 Viewer)


What RBs you thought would be drafted will go undrafted that will turn the fantasy community on its ears?

Kenny McIntosh, SEAN TUCKER are my surprises. Maybe even Tank Bugsby.

In before someone says Zach Evans, which is foolish talk.
McIntosh isn't a bad dark horse, even though I'm sure we're all expecting someone to take him somewhere. Even less likely given his performance at the combine, Chase Brown. I've heard at least one evaluation that was really down on his tape. I'm sure it's just as likely he goes in the 3rd than gets passed entirely.

McBride or Vaughn? Also long shots not to get selected. They have enough to offer as specialists that someone will surely take them.

Mitchell isn't a bad pick for a more realistic option, if we're talking biggest that doesn't get selected. Not sure how we would define that, current ADP I suppose.
I would be astounded if Tucker went undrafted.
McIntosh as well and that's what makes answering the question pretty difficult.

Only 2 draft classes in last 15 years had less then 20 RB's drafted, 2020 and 2010, like some kind of 10 year thing. I can't really come up with like a 25th ranked RB I like and my guess is if a RB I like does not get drafted it's because medicals or off field concerns I don't know jack crap about is why so I don't know how to predict that.

So I don't have nothing.

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