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Unique GUILLOTINE $50 Sleeper League (1 Viewer)


"Want to play a game?"

Hey everyone, I have created an extremely unique fantasy football experience on Sleeper. It's designed to be very different from our other typical drafts & in-season management. Almost like more of a mini-game and fun side league that is both entertaining and a little off the wall.

It's a $50 per team (100% payout thru LeagueSafe) GUILLOTINE league on Sleeper that is a cross between a regular fantasy league and a survival league. Still finalizing the details, but here's the general framework: each week, the LOWEST scoring team will be eliminated. Once eliminated, your season is over and the remaining teams move on to next week. All their players on an eliminated team will be dropped and absorbed by the remaining teams via FAAB waiver process. So each week you're fighting to stay alive as the league gets smaller and smaller, with the eventual last team standing winning the championship. It will get super intense towards the end of the season as one manager each week hits the chopping block.

Here's the kicker: To further differentiate even more from other leagues, I'm doing a horror-movie theme with this league. Each team is asked to choose a horror movie character for their name & avatar. The high scorer each week is deemed to have eliminated the lowest scoring team, and the team that racks up the most 'headcount' by the end also wins a small bonus. This is all just to keep things fun and make the experience feel different from the typical fantasy league that we all probably have a ton of by now.



I'm shooting for 14 teams with a regular snake draft, but we can run it with a smaller group if we don't fill up in time. Hoping for 10 minimum, which would just shift the dates when we start eliminating players. We have a core group of managers already in the league so I'm looking for a handful more to join.

Draft date isn't quite nailed down yet, but should be very soon. We will most likely try to draft around 7:30pm EST early next week. I will post here as soon as we get the exact date finalized. If you want to join and reserve your spot in the league and the date/time ends up not working for you, it's no problem to back out.

100% payout (approx 70% to 1st, 20% to 2nd, 10% to the team with the highest 'headcount')

Post here if you'd like to join, and figure out which horror movie villain you want your team to represent :)

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