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Unique-Little Time-$50 League Safe (need 1) (1 Viewer)


START EM ONCE ...  36 Owners .... There is no draft, waivers, or trades. All 36 teams per league have access to every NFL player at the start of the season. Lineups are hidden until that player's game starts. Once you start a player you can not use him again in the fantasy regular season or playoffs. Only the top one-third (12 teams) make the playoffs based on total points. Playoffs run Week 13-16 (total points). Here's the catch: Your point total for the regular season is cleared for the playoffs. So, the strategy is try to make the playoffs while still having enough studs to make it in the money.

Website Rules: http://www73.myfantasyleague.com/2018/home/18231#1

*** If interested please email Daniel at NFLMAN69@gmail.com 

and include: Full Name, Team Name, Email. Thanks ! ****

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