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Unique Startup @$100. Standard Scoring +Bonuses. Keepers. MFL &#3 (1 Viewer)

Flying Elvis

Leaguesafe with majority vote. (Edited in here b/c it was clipped out of title.)

I have a fairly unique scoring and keeper system that I've put together and need some experienced, active owners.

The league is on MFL @ http://www32.myfantasyleague.com/2013/home/69576#0

Scoring rules are based on standard scoring, though QBs get 6 for TDs and there are bonuses that can be reached based on position and for long TDs. The milestone bonus scoring should ramp up the total weekly scores. I have the entire scoring rules and bylaws in PDF format to email, as requested. The scoring is easier to digest in image format due to the way MFL makes me stack the bonuses. Said images are linked below.

18 man roster, starting QB, RB, RB, WR, WR, WR, RB/WR, TE, K, DST. Head to head format. FAAB.

Auction draft, which will be held online in the week prior to the NFL Kickoff game (Wed. Aug. 28 - Wed. Sep. 4) based on best availability for all owners.

Keeper rules:

  1. The Franchise! – keep one player indefinitely. Once a player is named The Franchise! Player they cannot revert to a keeper.
  2. Each team may keep between 0 and 2 players in addition to their Franchise Player.
  3. Players cannot be kept for more than 3 consecutive years.
  4. Players kept will cost auction dollars, reducing the amount of money the franchise owner has during the auction draft.
  5. The cost schedule for players kept in consecutive years is: $12 for first year; $20 for second year; $28 for third year.
  6. Drafted and undrafted players can be kept based on the above schedule.
  7. All keepers must be declared two weeks prior to the draft. In the event of a season ending injury or retirement to a keeper prior to draft day, that team may declare a different player in his place or drop the keeper. This must be done within 2 days of the announcement of the injury or retirement.
Images of the bonus structure:



Full scoring and bylaws on MFL @ http://football32.myfantasyleague.com/2013/options?L=69576&O=26

Please post any questions and/or PM email address for invite.

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Bump . . .

I've had questions about the scoring on another forum. Please feel free to ask if there are any here.

This is meant to be something different than the 1, 2, or 10 other leagues you have. I have half the league filled so far with all solid, experienced owners.


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