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Unusual Suspects Keeper League Needs 2 Owners (1 Viewer)


USL (Unusual Suspects League) is looking for an serious owner for a unique opportunity :

- 12 team league w/ tweaked keeper concepts and player contracts

- keepers 0-3 : the more you keep, the more early draft rounds you give up

- Additional 1 rookie keeper concept for qualified rookies

- H2H 13 weeks

- Modified performance scoring

- Playoffs weeks 14-16

- Losers battle for next year's draft picks - all teams play until week 17.

- Draft is an message board/email type of draft (lasts for ~ 3 weeks)

- 2 Teams available (Draft to get started as soon as spots are filled)

- League Fee = Usually ~$10/12 a year/owner (sportsline.com's fee).


P. Rivers, QB

K. Boller, QB

W. Parker, RB

E. James, RB

F. Taylor, RB

V. Morency, RB

TJ. Houshmandzadeh, WR

H. Ward, WR

T. Ginn Jr., WR

Bryant Johnson, WR

M Jones, WR

C. Cooley, TE

O. Daniels, TE

S. Graham, K

Eagles, DEF


D. McNabb, QB

E. Manning, QB

F. Gore, RB

R. Bush, RB

W. Dunn, RB

N. Davenport, RB

D. Foster, RB

T. Owens, WR

L. Coles, WR

S. Moss, WR

D. Northcutt, WR

A. Gates, TE

J. Brown, K

Jaguars, DEF

Texans, DEF

You can only keep 4 players max from the above rosters, rest goes back to draft pool.

Keepers= Regular keepers and Rookie Keeper.

Regular keepers: 0-3 : The more you keep , the more first rounds of draft you give up.

Rookie Keeper - only 1 player -- as long as that one player fits all requirements. The player must have been either a drafted rookie or a player kept under "rookie keeper" category - the prior year. If the player gets traded away or dropped into FA or is not kept under "rookie keeper" category - that player looses that privilege.

Contract rules:

Players drafted in rounds 1-5: Eligible to keep 2 years (starting from drafted year)

Players drafted in rounds 6-10: Eligible to keep 3 years (starting from drafted year)

Players drafted in rounds 11 +: Eligible to keep 4 years (starting from drafted year)

Players gathered via Free Agency: Eligible to keep 4 years (starting from drafted year)

Serious owners send their resume to voryzover@yahoo.com explaining

- their fantasy football accomplishments

- preferred team name

- city/state that you live in

- what makes you a better candidate than others ?

- Please put "USLNEW" into email subject

- Preferred team (Teams "TBD1" or "TBD2")

Those who do not need to apply

- rookies

- kids

- offensive and/or immature individuals

- people who cannot endure a 3 weeks worth of email based draft

- people who cannot stay in touch w/ their emails at least 2 times/day during the draft. This is absolutely required to get a smooth draft running. In the worst case scenario, owners send in few choices to cover for the upcoming round if they feel they won't be online for sometime.

Send your inquiries fast, these spots will go fast.


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