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Upcoming Movies - Trailers (1 Viewer)


slimy ninja
We have a thread for recently viewed rentals, recently streamed movies, and then there are a bunch of random threads for individual movie trailers. I thought we could use a centralized thread to talk about trailers and upcoming flicks.

What sparked it was this trailer for an upcoming indie horror movie:


Nothing too original but it looks great for an indie horror. :thumbup:

Some other stuff coming soon:

Kick-### 2 - extended NSFW trailer

Elysium - out next week, new sci-fi is always good

Escape Plan - would have looked better w/o the two old fogies

I knew there was a thread out there...

I saw the trailer for Tickled in front of Swiss Army Man. :shock:  Got to see this! I heard it is real, not a mockumentary. 


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