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Updated: PPR 1.5 points,Need two new TE's, Lost both to injuries. Options Below. (1 Viewer)


There is no trading in this league. PPR 1.5 points for Tight Ends. I must start a TE each week. This is a 12 team PPR league with 20 roster spots. 

I lost Eifert and Howard on the same day. I do plan to keep Howard for later in the season since TE's in this league are important.

Here are my option to bid for.

Geoff Swaim (DAL), Tyler Kroft (CIN), CJ Uzomah, Jeff Heuerman(DEN), Nick Vannett(SEA). Now they are saying Uzomah might start over Kroft.  Who are the safest to pick up?

Which 2 would you pick up

Please Rate from 1 to 5, if possible!

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