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Vampire Nation (1 Viewer)


Have some openings in my, redraft, Vampire league called, Vampire Nation

Standard scoring with .5 PPR
$25 Entry Fee, we use LeagueSafe
We have 3 Conferences with a Vampire in each Conference
All new owners will begin in the Cursed Woods Conference

What all the Conferences will have in common
  • Check the league’s website for Scoring which should include .5 PPR
    3 conferences (The High Castle, Tombstone Township, and Cursed Woods) will have 3 divisions of 4 teams.
    14 Week Regular Season. Play offs begin Week 15.
    In each Conference, there will be a progressive pot called the Vampire’s Blood Bank. If the Fantasy Bowl is ever won by the Vampire Team, they get to take home the extra winnings.
    Teams with a tied record will be broken via Most Points Forward (if still tied, Most Points Scored Against).
    Tied games in the regular season will be counted as ties.
    Tied games in the Play-offs, Play-outs, or Non-Sense Bowls will go to the team with the better seed number.
    Nobody will be allowed to be the Vampire team more than twice within 5 years (unless they have the Sleeper Vampire Virus).
    The snake draft order will be randomly selected via the league website. The last team on the list will be the Vampire Team and taken out of the draft. (Side note: Draft order will be reshuffled if there is conflict on randomly selecting the Vampire Team)
    The Vampire Team will be encouraged to change the name of their team to Count/Countess and their first name, example: Count Fred, Countess Edith, etc…
    The draft will start July 15th for The Curse Wood conference; August 1st for Tombstone Township; August 15th for The High Castle.
    Blind Bidding for waivers. Regular teams get $100 to start the season.
    You can only make a waiver move if your player that is on their NFL team’s IR (or becomes a FA). The player to be waived has to be on the IR or is a FA
    Each Conference will have their own set of NFL players.
    Starting Line Up: 1 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 TE, 2 FLEX (RB, WR, or TE), K, and Def
    Roster Size: 18 (No IR)
    Vampire Teams may only steal players during our regular season.
Below is a link to the league's website. Please read the footnotes to fully understand the league.

If you have any questions or want to join, email me at richhavlik@gmail.com


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