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Verizon FiOS TV One (1 Viewer)


Just pulled the trigger on this.  Looks like it's in limited markets right now.  Wondering if anyone has tried it yet and has any feedback.  Highlights:

- Voice remote (I know this is a bit outdated as Comcast/Amazon/etc. already have it, but still a nice upgrade for Verizon customers)

- Netflix integration built in to menus (no big deal.  Netflix can be reached from anywhere these days)

- WiFi set top boxes that don't require being close to a cable jack

- Broadcast in 4k/UHD

It's the last two that sold us.  Our house makes it difficult to get a coax to our basement and the ability to broadcast in 4k piqued my interest.  $50 one time equipment fee is crap, but we swapped out all of our boxes and got an additional box for the same monthly equipment fee as well are currently paying.  

Link to Verizon information


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