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viability?? 12team 2QB PPR IDP league (1 Viewer)


repost..put this in the wrong place and was redirected here.

looking for thoughts on this?? this league is not the norm. full point PPR we start 2 QB 2WR 2RB 1TE 1WR/RB 1K 2IDP Flex 2LB 2DB 2DL w/ only 6 bench slots. we went from 10 teams to 12 this season. 

I kept wentz for a 14 and D. Henry for a 12(cringe)

im drafting in the 6spot w/ Bell, D Johnson, barkley, fournette, mccafrey, cook, mixon, A. Brown, J jones, K allen, AJ Green, Gronk, Kelce (more or less top guys at the position that are AVAILABLE)

all this being said...is there ANY viability of grabbing a couple solid RB's with my first couple rounds, a good receiver w/ my 3rd, and then with my TWO 4th round picks grab my QB2 and another WR.

but after that I was thinking of just diving into the IDP pool and loading up while everyone else is hopefully still stuck on the disintegrating QB/RB pool.

or am I a fool for even pondering this strategy??



I never focus solely on taking a particular position early on in drafts.  I take the BPA according to my rankings when it comes around to my picks.  When you start to force positions then you miss out on potential value just because I need a "RB" right now. 

For IDP drafts the key is to figure out how valuable the IDP scoring system is compared to the offensive side of things and if the scoring vaults unlikely IDP's up the rankings because of strange quirks in the scoring.  That is where you can find value.  From what I have found in all my IDP drafts is that most owners can find info on offensive players and all the offensive teams tend to be fairly even going into a season but it is a lot harder to find quality info on the IDP side and that is where you can set yourself apart (provided the scoring system gives value to the IDP side).  Since you have a lot of IDP starters they probably will be a big part in weekly wins and losses if the scoring puts them on par with the offensive guys of similar tiers.  Where you can set yourself apart is by mining no name IDP players that have similar scoring in the end as the name guys.  This allows you to hold off on the IDP side as the other owners take the name IDP guys that everyone knows and  you gobble up similar scoring players later than nobody has heard of. 


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