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viability of drafting for IDP?? (12team 2QB w/ IDP league) (1 Viewer)


looking for thoughts on this?? this league is not the norm. full point PPR we start 2 QB 2WR 2RB 1TE 1WR/RB 1K 2IDP Flex 2LB 2DB 2DL w/ only 6 bench slots. we went from 10 teams to 12 this season. 

I kept wentz for a 14 and D. Henry for a 12(cringe)

im drafting in the 6spot w/ Bell, D Johnson, barkley, fournette, mccafrey, cook, mixon, A. Brown, J jones, K allen, AJ Green, Gronk, Kelce (more or less top guys at the position that are AVAILABLE)

all this being said...is there ANY viability of grabbing a couple solid RB's with my first couple rounds, a good receiver w/ my 3rd, and then with my TWO 4th round picks grab my QB2 and another WR.

but after that I was thinking of just diving into the IDP pool and loading up while everyone else is hopefully still stuck on the disintegrating QB/RB pool.

or am I a fool for even pondering this strategy??

I like the strategy because you are rostering about the same number of offensive players as defensive players, so if you can feel comfortable enough with your offensive selections up to that point to move to the defensive side I say be the first. You might be surprised that your league mates may start IDP picks at around this point anyways. Just like offensive players you want a foundation build on a few studs. Depending on the defensive scoring, (I play tackle heavy leagues), i like 3 or my first 4 picks to be linebackers in a solidified 3 down role. I mix in a stud DL in my top 4 IDP picks and I wait on DB later. They can be had off of your waiver wire if your league only requires you starting 2 each week. DB is the one position IDP I would wait, wait and wait some more on... Once you've build a nice core of defensive players, say 4, then you can then have the flexibility of bouncing back and forth on either side of the ball, based on best value is and where the runs are likely heading.


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