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vick vs KC (1 Viewer)

I think KC defense is legit after watching them last night. I should have started RGIII but I think this is Vick's floor. There will be much better games....just have to pay more attention to the defense he is playing against.

I will play match ups moving forward if RGIII shows improvement this weekend.

The KC D is definitely legit. They have some bumps in their schedule though - like Denver twice - but also I'm sure Reid knew quite about what Vick was going to do and when and how. KC was ahead of Vick on every play, clearly knew all his tendencies. That was a little too good.

The rest of the Eagles killed Vick in that game. There had to be 10 false start penalties, a few bad snaps (1 resulting in a turnover), horrible protection by the O-line resulting in numerous sacks, and Vick made 2 really bad decisions on passes. Vick was facing 3rd and very long waaaay too often due to the factors above. I'd say this is the absolute worst the Philly Offense can look, hopefully with a regular week, this won't happen again.

Is there any sort of news from the last play Vick ran? Looked like he took a bad shot to the foot or ankle, and was limping, but I haven't seen any news on it. AOK for Week 4 then?


Michael Vick walked gingerly off the field after the final offensive play. After the game, Vick was walking on his own and said the injury is not an issue."I'm good," Vick said. "I just got both of my ankles rolled up on. It went away quickly, and I was going to come back in the game."
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