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Vikings planning to get Patterson more involved: Can we trust that? (1 Viewer)


Cordarrelle Patterson - WR - Vikings
Coach Leslie Frazier reiterated that first-round WR Cordarrelle Patterson will see more playing time going forward.
Vikings OC Bill Musgrave is the same coordinator who couldn't, for the life of him, figure out how to keep Percy Harvin on the field. Through two weeks, explosive all-purpose playmaker Patterson has played 11 snaps. "It's just an oversight on our part; a major oversight because Cordarrelle is a playmaker," Frazier said. "He should be out there. We've just got to get him on the field." Patterson can only play the X spot, which is Jerome Simpson's position. Frazier said they'll look at moving Simpson around some, thus creating opportunity. Look for some manufactured touches for Patterson this week and a growing role going forward.

I think the bolded sentence is a great point by RW. Any chance Patterson becomes a force down the stretch? Or is this just smoke? Does it even matter with Ponder at QB?

Vikings homers chime in.
It is tough to have a "pound it out" running game with 3 WRs on the field and Jennings and Simpson haven't played poorly. I would think some three WR sets would open things up a bit for Peterson, but who knows...


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