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Vikings vs Bills 1pm EST (1 Viewer)

Wtf is with this 1pm est title? How often do they play that we'd get confused otherwise? 

Actually nervous about a trap game for MN. 
McCoy inactive. Things just keep stacking up further in the Vikings favor.

I saw an interesting stat about the Vegas lines, that there have been 20 times where the spread in an NFL game was 16 or more points, the team that was favored won all 20 of those games. Only half of them beat the spread, but they all won.

Leave it to the Vikings to find a way to break this record, but the Bills bad luck somewhat negates that I think.

I don't think this Defense is as good as everyone thinks it is.

I don't think this Defense is as good as everyone thinks it is.
Easier for the offense to come out looking decent when they're on-script.  The Bills offensive line is pretty bad, Vikings squandered a sack and missed a tackle on Murphy in the backfield.  They'll be fine today.

Just turned it on at the extra point.  Did the Bills do anything aside from the Vikings penalty?  Allen look any good?

Oh, and Allen has looked nice so far. Read the blitz, made the right read, threw it right away and put it in the perfect spot. Benjamin should have had a 1st down at the 1 or a TD.


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