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Vincent Jackson, Mike Williams - WRs, TB - Active (1 Viewer)

It's reported he's active. I'm assuming he got the shot. Has that been confirmed anywhere?

I just traded him out for Brian Hartline. Maybe I'll regret it, but with Glennon and the injury I'm expecting a lot more running than anything else. On top of that, I think ARI has injuries to their entire LB group so the run game gets a boost in general.

I don't have a choice in another league so no matter what I'm going to "lose" one of the decisions.

Ended up rolling with VJAX over Hilton. I actually think that HIlton would have been the better move here. We'll see -- here's hoping that he got the shot and is actually active -- meaning getting meaningful targets, not on a pitch count or acting as a decoy. Good luck, men.


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