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Vitt Hospitalized Again (1 Viewer)


Updated: 01:14 PM EST

Vitt Hospitalized Second Time With Staph Infection

ST. LOUIS (Jan. 3) - Joe Vitt, who served as interim coach of the St. Louis Rams for the last 11 games of the season, has checked into a hospital for treatment of a lingering staph infection.

Vitt, 51, was hospitalized for two days in August because of the infection and went back in Monday night, the day after head coach Mike Martz was fired and Vitt's tenure ended.

Vitt was expected to be hospitalized for at least a few days, a team spokesman said.

Vitt, who had been the assistant head coach and linebackers coach, had a 4-7 record after Martz stepped down in October due to a heart ailment. Team president John Shaw said Monday that Vitt was not a candidate for the head coaching vacancy.

01/03/06 12:20 EST


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