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Vivian Maier - One of the great street photographers of the 20th cent (1 Viewer)

I have two of the coffee table books with her work, but haven't cracked them open yet. Amazing stuff. Interesting backstory.

Going to a gallery show next weekend.

Stumbled on this interesting article: The Curious Case of Vivian Maier's Copyright

Cliff notes: She died with no will and no known relatives. And for the guys who "own" her pictures (the prints & negatives discovered in storage lockers), owning them does not carry the copyright to reproduce & sell them. Illinois might claim that the copyright belongs to the state.


Thanks. Really enjoyed going through her portfolio. Lady had quite an eye
I read one of the coffee table books recently. One page showed a contact sheet... the original 12 negatives from a roll she had shot sometime in the 60s.

It hurt, it was so good. All 12 images, perfect. None of the same subject, just 12 pictures taken during a walk over the course of a day, shoot it once, then move on. All 12 from just the "right" angle showing off her great eye. Perfectly composed and exposed.

I can barely get one good B&W shot in a month. Hers were damn near perfect with amazing consistency. Just one roll and every frame a keeper. She had crazy good skills.


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