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W3 Injury Report (1 Viewer)

Babu Bhatt

The Eagles went offsides on two straight kickoffs, and on the last kickoff David Akers barely hit the ball and went down grimacing in pain. He was helped off the field. Looks like he blew his hamstring...

Opposite of injury report - but worth noting Vick just took off on a scramble and looked like regular Mike Vick.J

DeAngelo Hall was heading to the locker room, didnt see what happened though. He was walking with the trainer.

Chad Johnson limping to the locker room with a trainer.Still no word on Bruce, was assisted to the bench by Faulk.

Thanks to all for continuing to contribute here :thumbup:

Hey Joe, it's not like all of us are doing this for nothing. My league is first come, first served waivers ALL THE TIME. :wall: It's a little maddening but you can jump on guys right as an injury happens and win your league on one awesome pickup in the middle of a game.I'll be parked here all year on Sundays. :popcorn: :stalker: :popcorn:

I will echo your sentiments though Joe. Thanks to everyone helping out here.

It really makes me better as an owner having all these great FBG's out there watching the games like hawks and posting immediately. One hand washes the other. I'll certainly race to the computer to help someone else even if an injury doesn't help me necessarily. :thumbup: Thank you :thumbup:

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Word on Bruce is "turf toe" but still receiving x-rays.They also mentioned that Steven Jackson is receiving x-rays for bruised ribs. Faulk is in the game now.

They might not let SJax back on the field when he heals....1-10-STL 11 (12:57) M.Faulk up the middle to SL 23 for 12 yards (Tank Williams).1-10-STL 23 (12:13) M.Faulk right tackle pushed ob at SL 30 for 7 yards (A.Woolfolk).2-3-STL 30 (11:39) M.Faulk up the middle to SL 44 for 14 yards (M.Waddell).

Titans radio reports official word on SJax bruised ribs, return questionable, IBruce foot injury return also questionable.Neither played on this first Rams drive of the second half.

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2-8-CLE 22 (5:27) R.Droughns up the middle to CLV 32 for 10 yards (M.Doss).CLV-R.Droughns was injured during the play.

Anyone watching that with more info?

R.Droughns up the middle to CLV 32 for 10 yards (M.Doss).CLV-R.Droughns was injured during the play.
FYI...Droughns is up and walking on the sideline in case anyone's following it on MFL.com

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