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Waiver 3 spot help (1 Viewer)


In 12 team PPR and a lot of the top pickups are on the waiver in this league.  We have a short bench and I am torn over using my 3rd pick now. How would you prioritize these given my roster?


D.jackson, Lindsay, golloday, Allison, cook, enunwa, marshall, Chicago, Yeldon, Ekeler


Q: Stafford

R: M. Gordon, Collins, R. Freeman, P. Barber

W: Cooks, Stills, Crabtree, Crowder, K. Cole

T: Gronk

K:  who cares

D: Dallas



I wouldn't use it on a RB because you are stacked there. I would focus on your WR position first and Golloday would be #1 followed by Enunwa, Marshall, and D. Jackson. Then I would focus with your 2nd Waiver pick on your Defense with Bears or maybe the Redskins or Falcons.


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