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10 team league, ended up with 10th pick and subsequently the #1 waiver slot. For some reason, I find myself irrationally valuing that privilege. I'd be curious if anybody here has a solid philosophy on when to pull the trigger on using it (outside of simply forecasting ROS pts vs incumbent or other bench player). I guess I feel like snagging the right guy early in the season can be enormous, and as such, I might end up gunshy unless it's just an absolute no-brainer or something. That probably seems too conservative to be optimal, so I'm trying to have a plan if possible.

I'd appreciate any thoughts. This didn't seem very WDIS so I posted it here.


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I'm in the same boat this year. I have seen the #1 priority guy balk at using it and to save it for the big pick up. Do you use it this week and pick up Julius Thomas? Or do you wait to pick up a back up rb when the #1 goes down with an injury. That may never happen and in the meantime, players that would have helped your team are being picked up by other teams. Don't get frozen with fear that you are going to miss out on the next big thing if you use the pick early. By doing nothing, you are missing out on all of the next big things.

If J. Thomas is on the waiver wire and I have the number 1 priority, I'm picking him up. Maybe you miss out on a big RB down the line, but you have to pull the trigger at some point....might as well be on someone who has high upside like Julius.

Once it's used, my strategy turns into a proactive crystal ball reader. I like to pick up backup RB's, who have shown promise, as free agents before that week's games. If the number one goes down, you have gold. If he doesn't, you have only lost a roster spot for a few days. I use this strategy up until I need to pick up someone for bye week replacements.

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I've been in this situation before. Hoarding the #1 waiver priority like Golem and his ring, only to end up using it on a defense in week 14. These days I play in 10 leagues, so time constraints force me to make waiver claims almost every week. I usually don't WASTE it early in the year if I have the #1 or #2 priority, but I won't hold on to it long. It seems like the real gems are gone by week 3 if not sooner. Err on the side of action and try to grab guys the week before they blow up,

If you have the #1 waiver priority and Julius thomas is available you grab him unless you have graham or gronk and even then you grab him probably BC he allows you to trade one of them for a stud Rb or wr now or down the line and not miss a beat at the te position. That's how championships are won


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