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Waiver wire help (1 Viewer)


I need to figure out who to drop and to pick up in a .5ppr

I need (2) RB – I have M. Ingram as one of the starter.  Others are A. Ekeler & N. Hines.

I need a TE. My TE are R. Gronk & G. Kittle.

Want to drop either A. Ekeler or N. Hines for Jaylen Samuels for his RB,TE status. Which would fill my TE position.

Who should start and drop

Thank you,

I would trade away Gronk for a RB (any RB that gets touches - I wouldn't be too picky). 

I am not sure why you want Samuels.  He has no value and you only need a TE for one week.  I wouldn't drop Ekeler or Hines for him.  Without knowing what is available it is difficult to comment on who to pick up.  I do know I would not pick up Samuels. 

Samuels is nothing more than a handcuff, an interesting one if you have Conner because he can play in your TE spot if Conner goes down.  However, he's not a startable player this week with Conner being a Bell Cow back.

Forget Samuels, Conner is playing and they have 2 TE's ahead of him. If you can trade Grok do it. I'd pick up any real TE playing over Samuels or just take the goose egg. 


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