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Waiver Wire Watch List WR's - For Smaller Leagues (1 Viewer)


For the guys who have smaller leagues... For instance, we roster 4 WR's. Who went undrafted in your league that you are keeping tabs on?

Keenan Allen - Not exactly like the Bolts are loaded at WR and a lot of people are infatuated with this guy.

Greg Little - Former second round pick. Lots of good stuff said about Cleveland's offense this year about them being better than expected.

Coradelle Patterson - Has all the measurables and went in the first round. Considered a raw prospect however.

Reuben Randle - An injury away from putting up big numbers. Has created some buzz on his own this summer as well.

Emmanuel Sanders - A starter.

Rod Stereter - Could he lead the team in receiving?

Markus Wheaton - Fast, high upside rookie in Wallace's old spot.

Robert Woods - May have been the best route runner in the draft.

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