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Walk us thru your Redrafts from this past weekend (1 Viewer)


I mentioned this in another thread, but here is my 10 teamer I did this evening.
NOTE - ITS .25 PPR, .25 PER COMPLETION FOR QBS, AND .25 POINTS PER TOUCH 1 QB, 2WRs,2 RBs a TE and a Flex, D, Kicker 6 bench spots.
10 teamer, 6 teams make the playoffs.
I drew the 10th and final draft slot, which was fine by me as I didn't want to go off early again.

#3.10 - JOSH ALLEN
#16.1 - DUSTIN HOPKINS kicker

After the 1/2 turn, I knew I could get RBs I liked later.....and in this format studs are more valuable. So I went Allen/Pitts.
At the 5/6 turn, I snagged 2 more starting RBs PIERCE/ JACOBS, and after getting Helaire in the late 7th, I knew I'd better try and cobble together some type of WR2, hence Metcalf/Cooks. (later Kirk)
Then I went about my usual business loading up on lottery ticket backs and handcuffs.

I figure I'll be competitive, although I would like a slightly better WR2. I think I "made up for it" in other spots though.



Drafted last night in a 12 team standard -- Start 1 QB, 1 RB, 2 WR, 1 TE, 2 flex, 1 K and Def --- Weak in RB -- but a bevy of WR

1.05 - C. Kupp
2.08 - D. Swift
3.05 - J. Allen
4.08 - C. Sutton
5.05 - D. Shultz
6.08 - B. Cooks
7.05 - R. Stevenson
8.08 - E. Moore
9.05 - T. Pollard
10.08 - D. London
11.05 - G. Pickens
12.08 - K. Herbert
13.05 - C. Watson
14.08 - Pittsburgh
15.05 - R. Blankenship


From the 6 spot in a 12-team non-ppr that starts 1 QB/2 RB/3 WR/1TE/1 FLEX/1 PK/1DT. Draft was on Saturday the 27th.

1. Justin Jefferson. Passed on Ekeler and took the first WR off the board.

2. Javonte Williams. Really liked him coming into the draft. Davante Adams went one pick ahead of me. Would have been a tough choice.

3. DJ Moore. Had my eye on Mark Andrews, but he went one spot ahead. Love having Moore as a rock solid WR2.

4. Travis Etienne. Some risk, but big upside at RB2.

5. Stoked to land Elijah Mitchell here and slide him in at flex.

6. Rashod Bateman. Upside play at WR3.

7. Chris Godwin. Was too good to pass up here with his health apparently trending up.

8. Trey Lance. He sure didn't look good in the final preseason game, but I guess I'm in. Hoping the rushing at least keeps the floor high.

9. Kareem Hunt. Best RB remaining and thought there was a chance he got traded. Solid depth either way.

10. TJ Hockenson. Really had no interest in him, but was surprised he was still there with 10 other TEs off the board. Passed on Ertz, which I might regret.

11. Darrell Henderson. Not sold on Akers' health.

12. Kadarius Toney. 2nd year WR thing. He hurt me all year in 2021, why not again?

13. Michael Carter. Seems to still have a role. Seems like a better value than Breece Hall going 3.03 in this draft.

14. Broncos D. This league drafts a lot of defenses and they score a bit more than most leagues. Most owners carry multiple defenses. I like Denver's early schedule and then we will see from there.

15. IsaiahMcKenzie. High upside in this offense and 15th round.

16. Steelers D. Little bit of a homer pick and their schedule meshes well with Denver.

17. Mike Davis. With JK Dobbins gimpy, I could get some at least temporary value here.

18. Harrison Butker. Had my eye on Jakobi Meyers but figured he would make it to the next round, so took my kicker a round early.

19. Jakobi Meyers. A little more WR depth at the end.

Overall really happy with how this one turned out. Need Lance to hit!
really really like this team
Same here. Well done.


Draft number two in the books. NFFC online championship. 12 team ppr 3 wide receiver. Third round reversal

1.06…Jamar Chase…I was going him or Ekeler whoever fell.

2.07…Travis Kelce..I was hoping for Aaron Jones but he went right before me. I’m thrilled to get Kelce here.

3.07 ...Travis Etienne…I decided to gamble on the upside and take my first RB.

4..06…Allen Robinson….I considered Diontae Johnson but decided to wait and get Pickens later

5.07…AJ Dillon….I had to get me some Dillon.

6.06…Hunter Renfrow….Nice number 3

7.07…Joe Burrow…Gotta do the Burrow chase stack.

8.06..Kareem Hunt…Solid number three. Could be huge when Watson comes back. Might still get traded.

9.07..George Pickens….I needed to start pounding some WR’s. Pickens looks great. The Steelers have a good history of succes with their draft

10.06 .Nico Collins…I’m predicting a break out

11.07..…Johan Dotson…Reminds me of a mini Chase.He’s had a great camp.

12.06…Zamir White….Back up up to the oft injured Jacobs

13.07…Jamal Williams…A back up with benefits.

14.06…Trevor Lawrence…I like pairing an upside QB with my stud. he had a good match up the week of Burrows bye. Also stacks with Etienne.

15.07…Mark Ingram….I forgot to get him in the league I drafted Kamara. If Alvin gets suspended I won’t be as sad. If Kamara misses time he will put up numbers.

16.06..Wondale Robinson…A nice dart throw.

17.07..Broncos…I’m pairing them with the Chargers to have great matchups the first six weeks.


19.07…Austin Hooper….He seems to be clicking with Tannehill. I waited on back up TE having Kelce

20.06…Harrison Butker….I was not expecting him to be here.
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8 Team League 2QB 3RB 3WR 2TE 6 Bench - 6th Pick

Usually QBs are over valued, elite TEs undervalued and backend TEs overvalued as people panic. Also rookies are overvalued

1.06 - Austin Ekeler - RB3 - Third RB off the board
2.03 - Alvin Kamara - RB5 - Took ahead of Najee and Henry
3.06 - Saquon Barkley - RB10 - Took ahead of Aaron Jones
4.03 - Stefon Diggs - WR5 - Smashed the value here thanks to early QB picks
5.06 - Trey Lance - QB10 - Waited as long as I could and snagged before 49rs fan picked
6.03 - Tom Brady - QB11 - 50/50 here with Russ Wilson still on board
7.06 - Mike Williams - WR17 - Took ahead of Waddle and DJ
8.03 - Kirk Cousins - QB16 - Didn't like taking a bench player here but I didn't like any player on the board and felt necessary to pair with Lance
9.06 - Zach Ertz - TE10 - Waited as long as I could for a TE, took instead of Allen Robinson for context of 2TE league values
10.03 - AJ Dillon - RB25 - Took instead of ARob again but plenty of WRs are usually left late on so opted for RB
11.06 - Brandin Cooks - WR29 - Missed ARob by 1 pick, settled for Cooks
12.03 - Gabe Davis - WR32 - Tempted to take Cole Kmet here but couldn't pass up Gabe - Kmet went 1 pick later
13.06 - Tony Pollard - RB33 - Finished off my strong RB core
14.03 - David Njoku - TE15 - NIce consolation prize for missing out on Cole Kmet
15.06 - Brandon Aiyuk - WR38 - Took instead of Jeudy for the Lance Aiyuk stack
16.03 - Jerry Jeudy - WR39 - Should have taken a backup TE but couldn't pass Jeudy again - Why is he still on the board?
17.06 - Matt Gay - K4
18.03 - Denver Broncos - DST7

What do you guys think? Went against consensus with Kamara pick. Waited as long as I could with QB and TE. Mopped up the WR value left on the board. Just lacking a decent backup TE but hopefully should find a breakout on waivers


10 team redraft, .5PPR, QB, RB, RB, WR, WR, RB/WR, TE, K, D, 7 bench spots
I drafted from the 2 spot

1.2 - RB Christian McCaffrey - I would've picked him over JT, who went first.
2.9 - TE Travis Kelce - I was happy he fell, and Andrews went on the next pick.
3.2 - WR Deebo Samuel - Honestly, I only took him because the DD said so.
4.9 - RB AJ Dillon - One of a few guys in a timeshare with RB1 upside
5.2 - QB Kyler Murray - 3rd QB off the board; just a gut feeling
6.9 - WR Brandin Cooks - A strong WR3, but he will have to be my WR2
7.2 - WR Chris Godwin - He's a WR1 if that knee holds up
8.9 - RB Antonio Gibson - He'll get decent volume until Robinson returns
9.2 - WR DeAndre Hopkins - Can pair him up with Kyler when he returns
10.9 - RB Kareem Hunt - Automatic RB1 if Chubb goes down
11.2 - TE Zach Ertz - Just a bye filler for me, but value was too good to pass
12.9 - QB Trey Lance - I have a feeling I will churn him quickly
13.2 - D New Orleans - Defenses went fast; I wanted them for week 1 vs ATL
14.9 - WR Chris Olave - Waiting to see how healthy MT really is
15.2 - K Harrison Butker - Need more FG attempts than last few years
16.9 - RB Brian Robinson - A nice gift at the end of draft

My theme for this league was to be risky. I kinda wanted an all-or-nothing team. This team will either rock, or go down in flames.


Ok, lets light it up again.

Last night, a 10 teamer. STANDARD, START 3WRS, 1QB, 2RBS, TE , NO FLEX, KICKER, DEFENSE.....7 BENCH SPOTS. Slight bonuses for big passing yardage games, so the elite QB carry a little extra weight here.
I drew the 10th spot, so I knew I was going WR-WR to start, and loading up on RBs later in the draft.
I knew if Herbert was available at the 3-4 turn, I was getting him. Allen will definitely be gone in this league.

12.1 - COLE KMET

A couple notes on what I was thinking. Whenever I draft from the late spots, I try and beat the league at WR, then load up on rb2 types and bench backs. Once the injuries start setting in, my teams just get stronger as the season goes.
4.1 Pierce was a reach, but he was NEVER making it back to me at the end of the 5th. This I know 100% from the other league mates. I think Etienne is in for a decent workload, so thats probably an RB2 with ease. I view Pierce similarly.
Montgomery, he was a top 20 back in standard last year, even after missing 4 games. The perfect RB candidate to get in the mid rounds, after starting WR-WR. I have Bateman as my WR3, and I think I have just as good of wideouts as anyone in the league. (Lazard later, there's my 4 differing bye week WRs, I'm set there)
Then I kept snagging RBs, and out of these, a few should do well. C-E-H, and Penny/the likely starter for the first 3-4 weeks.
Khalil Herbert, Jamaal Williams (great value here, and in the event of a Swift injury....sound familiar??? He is a decent plug and play RB)
Pacheco, in the event C-E-H gets nicked up.
The only pick I didn't like, was COLE KMET. And actually, I like him this year a LOT, but I wanted to try and snag a big TE earlier, but I kept getting sniped in the middle rounds. The TEs aren't key cogs in our leagues anyway, unless you have one of the top 2 or so. I could have gotten Hunter Henry even later, but I'd just as soon have Kmet.
I certainly think I'm elite in 4 spots, WR-WR-WR and QB. If my RBs are any good at all, I'll be competitive with a shot of the 4 team playoffs.

ASTUTE READERS NOTE - If you have followed my posts, you know I have Dameon Pierce in literally 3/3 (all my leagues).

Also, AJ Dillon went in rd 8. I had the chance to get him but opted for the KC backfield instead. He might be the one player I regret not getting this year.



12-team PPR redraft, 16 rounds, QB, RB, RB, WR, WR, RB/WR, RB/WR/TE, TE, K, 7 bench
I had the 12th pick, and sadly, I consider the 10th and 11th guys as the toughest competition
1.12 - RB Joe Mixon - happy he felll, but no real reaches before him
2.01 - WR Davante Adams - it was him or Diggs, and I went riskier IMO
3.12 - TE Kyle Pitts - I am not playing TE whack-a-mole; set him and hope for more TD's
4.01 - RB Travis Etienne - Early, but I planted a flag here
5.12 - WR Allen Robinson - If Stafford stays healthy, ARob is an easy WR2
6.01 - QB Joe Burrow - Didn't want to wait til 7.12 (Brady, Lamar, Hurts, Wilson, and Prescott went)
7.12 - WR Christian Kirk - I consider this a reach and a value pick at the same time
8.01 - RB Tony Pollard - Currently my 2nd flex spot, with injury upside
9.12 - RB Damien Harris - Rhamondre went 8.8; Damien is value here
10.01 - RB Ken Walker - A bench stash til he gets healthy and Rashaad gets unhealthy
11.12 - QB Derek Carr - I usually don't carry 2 QB's, but I think he finishes top 10
12.01 - K Matt Gay - Was kinda happy with my starters, so jumped early
13.12 - WR - Jameson Williams - Only chose him because we have 2 IR spots
14.01 - WR Josh Palmer - Secretly hoping Keenan Allen or Mike Williams gets injured
15.12 - WR KJ Osborn - Secretly hoping Adam Thielen gets injured
16.01 - TE Rob Gronkowski - I was drunk!


12 team PPR, Superflex. Start QRRWWTFSKD, 7 bench, 1 IR
I drew 3rd pick. Historically this league doesn't go QB too heavy the first few rounds, with only 5 total QBs going in the first two rounds last year. Took us till the mid-4th in 2021 before 12 had gone. I went into this draft planning on getting either JT, Kupp, or Allen and start the draft with the top guy at one of those three positions.

1.03 - WR Cooper Kupp. Draft started Allen, JT, so I stuck to my plan, which also involves likely going QB in the second as I don't want to wait too long.
2.10 - RB Joe Mixon. 7 QBs gone by this point so it's allowed a few guys to slide, and best RB available was Mixon or Aaron Jones. I decided I was ok with Wilson/Dak/Brady/Stafford as my QB1 and at most only two of those would be gone by my next pick.
3.03 - QB Dak Prescott. Wilson went 3.01. Time to jump 6 more QBs ended up going before it got back to me.
4.10 - WR Michael Pittman. Was eyeing Pitts with this pick but I knew the guy at 4.09 loves him also and would snipe me. He didn't. I was all set to hammer the Pitts pick when I noticed that the two guys behind me at the turn already had Kelce and Andrews. Went with Pittman over AJB/Sutton/DJM, knowing I could get Pitts on the way back.
5.03 - TE Kyle Pitts. I love it when a plan comes together...
6.10 - RB David Montgomery. At the rate QBs were going (6 guys already had their QB for SF slot) there were several WRs falling that I liked so figured I could grab value at WR later and opted for a steady RB2 here. It was between Monty and Waddle, and ultimately I decided if Waddle was still there then there's plenty of WR value still on the board.
7.03 - QB Justin Fields. Nice upside starter for the SF slot, as the 20th QB to come off the board. Figured I'd go ahead and pull the trigger rather than settle for Baker/Goff/Mills as my everyday SF.
8.10 - RB Tony Pollard. My Fields pick kicked off another QB run, and 4 TEs were taken as well so value still falling. Love Pollard as a PPR flex and the stack with Dak is a nice bonus.
9.03 - WR Chris Godwin. Debated Bateman very hard here...might end up wishing I'd made that pick instead. Bateman went the very next pick.
10.10 - WR Treylon Burks. Was searching for Hopkins but timed out and autodrafted Burks from the queue. (PSA: Don't leave your queue empty, folks.)
11.03 - QB Ryan Tannehill. I always try to be one of the guys with 3 starting QBs. I've been able to trade my 3rd guy in the past when injuries happen to others, or if disaster strikes me I've always got a QB for the SF slot. And this is a slight hedge in case Fields isn't all he's cracked up to be.
12.10 - RB James Cook. Why not, at this point of the draft it's all rookies and handcuffs.
13.03 - RB Ken Walker. Ditto.
14.10 - WR Michael Gallup. My WR5, if he needs a few weeks to get right I can IR stash him, and once he's back he should step in as the WR2 in a good offense. Half these late round guys get dropped anyway...
15.03 - Colts DST. They get HOU and JAX to start the year.
16.10 - Cowboys DST. They get NYG and WASH after I use the Colts. In this league there's 4 other guys that like to stream D, so as long as I'm not riddled with injuries I like to make streaming pickups 1-2 weeks ahead of time. Now I've got the first 4 weeks mapped out. Tried to get the Chargers DST for Week 3-5 good matchups but Yahoo has them rated too high and somebody else grabbed them late 15th.
17.03 - K Matt Prater. Good offense, in a dome, say no more.

Overall I feel pretty good with this team. Felt like I could have gone for a bit more value at WR and may regret Godwin over Bateman but I felt like Mixon, Pitts, Pollard, Monty were all great values at the time. Yahoo gives it a C+ so must be a guaranteed playoff team I guess... :shrug:


Historically this league doesn't go QB too heavy the first few rounds
I’d probably take advantage of that & go Herbert/BQA 1-2
I always swear that I'm going to do that, but then once the RBs and WR start sliding I can't help myself. This was the first year since we made it Superflex that I didn't take a QB in the first. I need to make this SF draft the first one of the season, because all preseason I get in the mindset of "Lamb is an early/mid 2nd rounder" and when he's available early 3rd it's hard to pass him up...it's why I love the SF format, drafts are very interestin
Yeah - for SF that sounds about right. A little early. But even with that - I would think as soon as he went off the board people would be like, "wait, Adams is on the board!"

Amazing he continued to fall.
I'm in a 12 team SF and have 3rd pick. In almost every single mock I've done (via DD or Yahoo), Adams goes 2.08 or 2.09, juuuust before me in the second. Me noticing that trend plus this discussion now, if he's there at 2.10 I'm gonna stand up and do a little dance (y)
Oh and @Hot Sauce Guy just for you from earlier in this thread - Adams went 2.08 in this one.


Pick 10 - 1 PPR

1. Kupp - Might have been the most stunned I've ever been to see a guy fall to me. I'd have taken at worst at pick 3. He wasn't even on my radar pre-draft because didn't think there was any way he'd fall to me.

2. Kamara - He was always on my radar. Was probably going to take at pick 10 (him or Kelce) before Kupp fell.

3- Tee Higgins Weekly upside is just too hard to resist.

4- Jaylen Waddle: Just the QB Tua is, his receiving options are gonna get peppered to high % short targets. I'm not absolutely in love with Waddle (I actually prefer Hollywood Brown with Kyler). Probably the pick I'm least happy about but I'd have went Hollywood/Allen Robinson/Mike Thomas otherwise (with Kupp/Kamara already probably Hollywood).

5- AJ Dillon - Really bullish on him. I don't expect RB1 #s with Jones healthy, but wouldn't be shocking if only slightly outside that with goalline and receiving work that I think he'll get there.

6) Elijah Moore - Was targeting Chris Godwin but he went right after Dillon. Jerry Jeudy was available also but TBH I think Moore is an elite talent. I know the odds are slim but I can see Flacco keeping the job if he's as impressive this season as reports indicate. Zach Wilson is a train wreck.

7) Kyler - Last of the high end type QB with legs IMO. Lance would have been on my radar in 9th round perhaps but he didn't wind up making it there anyway.

8) Devin Singletary - The start of a RB run here. D.Harris/A.Gibson/K.Hunt/M.Sanders went after him. Was just a pick 'em for me and felt most comfortable with Singletary

9) Dawson Knox - TE left that I saw the most upside with. All the talk is Gabe but also think there's gonna be some of those vacated targets heading Knox's way. Like the spike week potential.

From here, I just went mostly nuts with RBs:

10) Mattison

11) K.Herbert

12) Bills D

13) T.Boyd

14) J.McKinnon

15) S.Michel

16) KJ Hamler

17) Gus Edwards (IR stash)

18) D'Ernest Johnson
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