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Was Favre hinting at this? (1 Viewer)

Just caught this tidbit, and thought it was interesting. I've said this a few times, but Favre's talk about how quickly NFL players can be cut and how teams will cut ties with stars gave me a strange feeling. Almost like he still wants to play, just not in Green Bay. I know it's just speculation on my part, but it just seems that way to me. The fact that he's dragging his feet makes me wonder if this is playing into it at all?


Not counting option bonuses included in rookie contracts from last year, the Packers have seven players due significant roster bonuses shortly after the start of free agency.

If they don't pay them, the players become free agents.

The biggest is a $3 million payment to quarterback Brett Favre due around the second week in March. If Favre hasn't decided by then on whether to retire, the date can be negotiated back to allow him more time.

plenty of teams are just a QB away from a SB visit..dallas, giants(eli still needs alot of work), denver, SD ( if they decide to let brees go-Rivers isn't ready or doesn't have enough experience to be a successdul starter right away), chicago,

even Miami..

I'd love to see favre elsewhere in 2006..looks like another player who'll benefit from a change of scenery...losing Green and Walker in the same season didn'thelp, but GB did little to bolster that lousy defense, and they still don't have a TE worth mentioning..Favre , IMO, misses Chmura immensely...he was at his best with a solid TE to dump passes off to if things broke down..Once Holmgren left, they never used the TE position like they used to, and i think that's affected him..

put him in SD and that would just be flat-out sick with Gates there already...or Dallas with Witten, or NYG with Shockey..

he's got alot left I'd bet, but at this point, he probably wants to go to a SB contender instead of being part of a massive rebuilding project, like the one in GB..


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