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Was offered Mixon + Vance McDonald for Derrick Henry (1 Viewer)


Do I trade Henry for Mixon and Vance? 

12 team, full PPR. I've got no TE bc I lost Hunter Henry. Both his team and mine are a bit stacked bc we both had some extra draft picks. Both 1-1.


QB: Aaron Rodgers

RB: Chubb, Carson, Henry, Latavius, Sanders

WR: Adams, JuJu, Godwin, Edelman, Samuel, MVS, AJ Brown

TE: Henry, Hurst


QB: Goff

RB: Saquon,  Mixon, Mack, Duke Johnson, Justice Hill, Malcolm Brown

WR: ODB, Lockett, Robinson, Coutee, Chark

TE: Kittle, McDonald

I would look on waivers vs trading Henry for those two. Cincinnati O-line is struggling and limiting Mixon's potential and McDonald and the whole Steelers offense is an unknown without big Ben. 

Mixon should improve a little once Green returns. But with Pittsburgh's QB situation being unknown going forward I don't think the difference between Hurst and McDonald is enough to make the trade. I agree with Rook though, look on waivers for streaming TE's i.e. Witten this week against Miami. 


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