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Hey guys.  In a 14 team PPR league.  Having some trouble with my lineup this week.  I need to fill 1WR slot and my flex.  Options are as follows:

A Cooper

T Boyd

Corey Davis



I go Boyd and Hyde. Boyd was already in the midst of a breakout season, and now Eifert is gone, possibly freeing up even more looks in the middle of the field.

Hyde has seen a giant workload so far this year, and while his YPC is awful, his yards and TD's aren't. I'd ride that train for now, but if he doesn't start making more big plays, he could find himself in a RBBC with Chubb real quick.

Thanks for the response.  As a Browns fan I’m a bit leery of Hyde as he hasn’t run very well in terms of ypc but has racked up a lot of tds.  Chubb is definitely going to get more touches starting this week.  

I like Boyd for sure.  A bit torn between Davis and Hyde, mainly due to the fact it’s PPR and Davis gets such a huge volume of targets.

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