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WDIS in 2 Flex spots (1 Viewer)


Super Flex PPR league with 100 yd and 300 yd bonuses.

Current starters:  QB: Mahomes  RB:  E. Elliot  WR:  Beckham   SFlex: C. Newton  TE:  Njoku

Need TWO from the following group:   J. Jackson, J. Samuels, S. Michel, D.J. Moore, C. Davis, D. Baldwin

Leaning towards DJ Moore and Justin Jackson.  Love Jackson's matchup and predict lots of volume for him, decent chance at 100 yard bonus.  Avoiding Corey Davis due to matchup, am worried Samuels will yield to a lot of committee work.

I assume you can't start Samuels at TE.

I think Michel is a lock, couldn't imagine starting any of those other guys over him. At the 2nd spot, I'd roll with Jackson, just expecting a one sided massacre against the Bengals.


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