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WDIS - Lineup help needed. Any help appreciated! (1 Viewer)

I'm in a 72 team dynasty league (6 individual leagues 12 teams each, play a regular season then the playoffs are the top teams from all 6 leagues) and I'm in the championship for the first time.

We start QB RB RB WR WR TE Flex Flex.  It's PPR and there is a rushing yardage bonus.....receiving yards get 0.1 points each but rushing yards get 0.15 points each so it's of benefit to have high yardage RB's in your lineup.  Unless you're loaded with studs at WR most guys play 3-4 RBs.  So, I need to choose a starting lineup from the following

Goff, Mayfield, Marriota

Gurley, Mixon, Lindsey, Jaylen Samuels, Damien Willians, Josh Adams

Amari Cooper, Tyler Lockett, Dante Pettis, Dede Westbrook

Ebron, Njoku

My opponent has submitted his early week starting lineup as


Saquon, Chubb, Conner, Zeke

Corey Davis, JuJu


It's a tough match up for me for sure so I'm totally overthinking my lineup decisions.  Any thoughts, advice, or perspective are welcome.  Thanks!



Goff, Mixon, Lindsey, Cooper, Pettis, Ebron, Flex is Damien if Ware is out plus Samuels, if Ware is playing Lockett instead of Damien. Hard to bench Gurley but until practice reports come out at the end of the week at this point I would bench him. 



Do you think you have the advantage?  There is some strategy in playing or not playing common players based on your opinion of your chances.  If you think you have the better team based on uncommon players then I would try and cancel some of the variance by using as many of the same players as the other team as I could. 

You have a lot of players that vary greatly depending on who is active.  I don't think Gurley plays much this week even if he is active.  The Rams should easily take care of Arizona and why push Gurley now when they will need him for the playoffs.  I don't think you can start Gurley almost no matter what.    You also have Samuels and D. Williams hinged on whether Conner/Ware play.  If those guys are out then I think Samuels and Williams have to be in your lineup.  If one of the two injured guys is playing then I probably put Pettis into the second flex spot. 

WR I would start Cooper and Lockett (going against a terrible KC defense) 

For QB its a toss up between Mayfield (vs Cincy) and Goff (vs Ari).   Both have great matchups.  I would have to think the Rams want to try and right the Goff ship and will give him more opportunities to build some confidence.  I might lean that way.


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