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WDIS - RB bonus league (1 Viewer)

Second round of the playoffs in a RB-bonus league.  Rushing yards count for 0.15 points each compared to just 0.1 for receiving yards.  I have to choose four of the following seven RB's:

  1. Gurley - duh.
  2. Lindsey - duh.
  3. Mixon - no AJG, they could get blown out of the water and Gio saw heavy snaps last week when they were down.
  4. Ekeler - no Gordon but Jackson looked way better running than Ekeler last week and Lynn quoted as saying Ekeler is wearing down and we should see more of Jackson
  5. Penny - will Carson play?  will Penny see touches?  who can predict the Pete Carroll rollercoaster
  6. Josh Adams - seems to be the guy for carries but also nothing in the passing game and touch/td dependent?
  7. Jaylen Samuels - hasn't shown much running but Oakland is a dumpster fire in run defense.  Likely to see passing down work.  But if they go up a lot quick, will Ridley get all the "pound em and waste clock" snaps?
Any advice/perspective welcome.  What do you think....who should I start?  Thanks!

Mixon is a lock in my opinion. I'd go Ekeler at the other spot, I think he'll break some big plays against a shoddy defense. 

Thanks @travdogg.  I appreciate your perspective

So you don't think Ekeler loses many touches to Justin Jackson?
I think he'll lose a lot of touches to Jackson. I expect it to be a 50-50 backfield. But the Bengals defense is awful, so the Chargers will likely be scoring at will. I give Ekeler about 14 touches for about 70 yards and a 50-50 shot of a TD, and that is without factoring in a potential big play.

I would go with Mixon and Samuels.  I don't trust that Ekeler will get an even split.  He has had two chances to be the lead guy when Gordon has been out and runs very differently in those opportunities.  The Chargers like Jackson and I think he will take over the lead role and Ekeler will go back to his COP role that he excels at. 

Mixon is a no brainer as he is the guy for Cincy and Samuels will get the chance to be the guy and should do great against Oakland. 


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