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WDIS @ RB? Please help. Leave link will answer yours (1 Viewer)



  • Mostert, Ingram, Chubb (pick 2) PPR
*Gordon on a BYE; Leaning Mostert, & Chubb;  Concerned about Ingram and number of snaps vs Kamara.  I think Chubb gets 15-20 touches

LEAGUE # 2: 

  • Conner, Howard, Chubb (pick 2) PPR
Leaning Conner & Chubb.  Feel like I need to see something from Howard before having the confidence to start him; I think Chubb gets 15-20 touches

I think people are sleeping on Chubb this week. I think he's a low-end RB1. I'd be surprised if he didn't get a TD this week.

Team 1: Chubb and Ingram. Mostert has the same RBBC issue Ingram has, only without anywhere near the track record.

Team 2: Connor and Chubb


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