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WDIS - TE and Flex (1 Viewer)


Going into semi-finals this week and would like thoughts on last flex spot and TE. 

Scoring is half PPR, pretty standard otherwise. Pretty even matchup with my opponent this week based on Yahoo and FBG projections with me projected at 135 and my opponent at 131.

Roster - 

QB - Cam

WR - Evans, Julio Jones 

RB - Kamara, Chubb

Flex 1 (WR/TE/RB) - Lamar Miller

K - Zuerlein

TD - Atlanta

Opponent team: Mahomes, Michael Thomas, Hopkins, N Hines, Gore, Kelce, Cooks, Dede Westbrook, Vinatieri, Chicago


TE - Njoku / Vernon Davis ?

Flex 2 (WR/TE/RB) - Ingram / J. Wilson / Damien Williams ?

My thinking on TE - I think both are pretty even, but Cleveland is playing Denver who give up a decent amount of points to TEs, but I have Chubb so maybe some negative having both in the lineup. Vernon Davis doesn't do much, and neither does Washington's offense, but if Jordan Reed is out maybe Davis is more involved. I'm leaning towards Njoku. Not many options on FA either, maybe Engram as an alternative, but I would still go with Njoku I think. 

My thinking on flex - I have Ingram in now and am leaning towards him even though I have Kamara in the lineup, and lately they aren't the duo they were last year. This year I have started both every week since Ingram's return. I think the hesitation with sitting him is the fear that he goes off and Kamara has a mediocre day. Plus they are playing Panthers so not an easy match up. Damien Williams feels riskier, but maybe if Ware is out, he is an option over Ingram. Wilson is up against Seattle who turns it on this time of year and may give up some to Breida if he isn't injured. Although, two weeks ago against Seattle, Wilson posted 15 points with 61 rush yards, 8 rec and 73 rec yards. Ultimately deciding between Ingram and Wilson, and leaning to Ingram.

Any input is welcome.



Damien Williams and Vernon Davis. Davis and Njoku are fairly even but I'd lean towards Davis to get a TD over Njoku.  Williams is the lead dog in an explosive offense with virtually minimal competition for rb touches, 


Kwai Chang Caine

You've got some pretty even matchups but man, I'd still lean Williams over Ingram. I just feel the guy has a much safer floor unless somehow the other williams and west get a lot of action. I'd stay with Njoku unless Mahomes and Hopkins blow up before the Cleveland/Denver game. Then maybe you consider Davis for a high ceiling play. 

I think this time of year you have to consider players on superior offenses and so I don't think I'd consider wilson especially with how Seattle is looking. 


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